Kat Nechleba received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Sculpture with a concentration in Fiber Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2007. She has exhibited her art, music, and performances across the world. In 2014, Kat obtained dual Masters Degrees in Counseling and Art Therapy with emphasis in Transpersonal Psychology at Southwestern College in Santa Fe New Mexico, and currently works out of Denver Colorado as a Sculptor, Musician, Art Therapist and Psychotherapist in private practice.


For the past decade, Nechleba's studies ranged from ancient wisdom traditions to the most cutting-edge developments in interpersonal neurobiology. This included the spiritually-based traditions of Jungian Psychology, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy. Kat uses her experiences as both an Artist and a Therapist to portray human behavioral patterns visually and experientially, providing tangible models to understand otherwise unconscious behavior. 


In addition to her career as an Artist and Therapist, Kat Nechleba is a published author, “This World is Strange and I Blame It On You,” a treatise on Art and Psychology. Nechleba is currently registered with Colorado Psychotherapist Association, the National Association of Professional Women, is an active member of BAAM (Build Art And Make), and stands as a board member of Wickerson Foundry LLC.

All inquiries should be directed to info@katnechleba.com


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