My work studies how and why art offers persisting challenges to collective ecological, cultural, and political social paradigms.  Playing with micro and macrocosms of this concept ensures its perpetual evolution, and also allows me to deconstruct my professional practices as an artist and therapist to study connections between art and experience.

I primarily collect materials to make site-specific sculptures, installations, textiles, sound, video, kinesthetic, and “walking art”, all inspired by history, folklore, and psychology. My work aspires to transform ordinary matter into the extraordinary, acting as an immersive bridge connecting the material world to the conceptual realm. Manipulating organic mediums and disregarded material allows me to baptize waste with new meaning and encourage environmental awareness in individuals.

In my new work, I am exploring ideas couched in the current direction of our perilous world. I feel compelled to create art that vividly addresses our own psychological destruction, while simultaneously nurturing our dynamic aspects of being human. I want to encourage a more aware state of being, and it’s my hope that this work will encourage us to attend more carefully to all that is taking place around us, and appreciate our roles in it.