20/20 Hindsight

For much of the year, galleries, museums, and art spaces across the world collapsed.  Art was locked away from public view and new media platforms were needed to nevertheless push forward and exhibit current work that either spoke to or avoided our contemporary setting. For months, looking at art became staring at screens, and a new, three-letter acronym entered the lexicon: O.V.R. (“online viewing room"). The silver lining of 2020 was the reaffirmation that art is unstoppable, and that it will always offer a unique opportunity for reflection and implementation of creative practices.

20/20 Hindsight is a collection of experimental film, photography, and anti-melody compositions documented during the Covid19 pandemic while living under "stay at home" government orders. The cultivation of quotidian chaos explores pervasive and unperceived patterns that governed our lives as the novel departure from normalcy eventually became mundane. Themes of isolation, reflections of yesterday’s parties, and the American Selfie parallel each other in photography audio visual art. This collection embraces a few key beacons that cut through the pandemic blur.


Hive Collapse

At The Precipice

Wild Space

Ah Muzan Cab


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