*Ruche Mére: Jon Middleton & Kat Nechleba

This World is Strange & I Blame it on You

A cross-pollination of Analytical Psychology, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, & Art

This World is Strange, and I Blame It on You uses Kat Nechleba's art to illuminate the historically contrasting theories of mental health, wellness, and spirituality. Through cross-referencing Analytical Psychology, Art, & the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health, Nechleba offers vibrant, accessible insight into established psychological theories to explore and understand the depths of one's own psyche, and the world around us as well.


This 7.5" x 8" Japanese-bound book was created to share both traditional and modern knowledge of human behavior and to de-stigmatize the negative constructs of mental illness. This World is Strange, and I Blame It on You is available to view for free above, or to purchase for $16 below.